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Username: dotLawInc
Date/Time: Wed, November 1, 2000 at 6:02 PM GMT
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Subject: Re: Dotlaw, Inc. Questionable Abilities


        The dotLaw formal application in section C3 along with the website at clearly describe that both dotLaw,Inc. as well the .law Domain Advisory Board will be run solely by lawyers in the interests of the law profession and the general public it serves. This point is also re-iterated in the comment "Clarifications for a Concerned Reviewer" for others who didn't read far enough along in the application before commenting.

The medical origins of the concept for a .law managed domain and the dotMD involvement and support during the launch of dotLaw come about because dotMD currently has the most experience of any company on the Internet in managing a sponsored and restricted new top level professional domain. Their experience over the last year with dotMD will ensure that our similar efforts next year with dotLaw will result in a smooth initial roll out and an absolutely stable and reliable new .law top level domain. Details of the dotMD capabilities for this are outlined in Exhibit D "Letter of Intent" of our Sponsoring Organization Proposal and the financial backing information to support this effort are supplied in Exhibit A "dotLaw,Inc. Financial Information".

DotLaw,Inc. appreciates that the awarding of .law would in many ways obviate the need for the commenter's current initiative. However .law is not primarily about selling or protecting legal domain names. It is about creating a unique and dedicated new legal space for the more efficient conduct of international legal affairs on the Internet. Our understanding is that ICANN specifically wants to consider fresh and creative approaches to the future development of the Internet as a whole. Regrettably, your casting of dispersions on this effort with multiple identical inaccurate postings to the comment section does not help move this vision forward.

Respectfully submitted,


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