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Username: dotLawInc
Date/Time: Sun, November 5, 2000 at 6:45 PM GMT
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Subject: RE: Dot Law Application


We note your comments on some technical vernacular that may not indeed add anything to our explanations about the features of the dotLaw, Inc. concept. As our website develops we will make a conscious effort to avoid these technical references and speak directly and more clearly to the actual issues.  We will have our web designers modify the website ICANN application button so that it is clear to everyone that this is a link to the .law ICANN application only.

The Exhibit C "Privacy Statement" indeed does have a typographical error since there is no DotLaw, L.L.C.  DotLaw, Inc is incorporated in the State of Delaware as referenced in all the other ICANN documents.

There are many distinct legal groups and sub-groups that were too numerous to mention in this cursory .law application such as "in-house" corporate counsel. All of these groups will be considered and represented once the application is approved and the domain is being further developed.

Secure document transfer means vastly different things to different people. Anyone including solo practitioners with a .law address will be able to function normally on .law and the Internet without the encumbrances of any additional security if they so choose. However currently available SSL security protocols along with additional unique top level domain security strategies will be available within the domain for law firms to communicate with their clients if desired. The .law domain will not involve any new firewall barriers that would need to be navigated by the user. Options for additional secure document transfer on the .law domain would in no way be exclusionary or restrict function for the regular .law user.

Finally, challenges and potential obstacles to realizing the .law concept have been reviewed somewhat in the formal ICANN application. A number of other potential problems with .law will be raised directly by reviewers such as you. And of course there are a number of potential problems in the execution of this concept that no one yet appreciates and won't be recognized until we get to that point in the domain development program. The .law Domain Advisory Board will be a capable final arbitrator in resolving these new issues as they come up.

Respectfully submitted,
DotLaw, Inc.



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