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Username: pilot
Date/Time: Fri, October 13, 2000 at 7:28 PM GMT
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Subject: "SERIOUS DOUBTS" by JConnors


        For IOD to hire enough staff to handle millions of .WEB registrations, prior to knowing for sure those new employees will actually be needed, would not be prudent. 

You mention Afilias has all the bells and whistles, due to their size and cache of 100s of employees.  Well, NSI and are part of Afilias, and I get terrible, uncaring, computer-generated responses from them, for any inquiry I may have.   It takes NSI three months to accomplish what should be completed in a few minutes (i.e., DNS server changes). required three weeks just to send me a duplicate of an e-mail they previously sent to me.  You really want to give Afilias new TLDs?  Something really stinks here, if you are saying give a great new product to companies who cannot handle their current inventories and customers properly.

You have "SERIOUS DOUBTS" about IOD, because they only have 4 employess today?   But you think it's okay to give new TLDs to companies who have mangled the public trust?  Before you give NSI new TLDs, wouldn't you like to know why they are hoarding or sitting on expired .com names?  

And you also think it's okay for Ken Stubbs to sit on the Boards of Afilias,CORE and simultaneously sit on the Board of the DNSO?  You don't see anything wrong with that?



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