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Username: dtan
Date/Time: Thu, October 19, 2000 at 3:03 AM GMT
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Score: 5


IOD gets my vote for .web for a few simple but obvious reasons:

1. IOD has been operating their .web registry for 5 years now. Because of this, I feel that they have played an important role in helping encourage opening up of TLDs in the first place.

2. Afilias having millions of registrations as compared to IOD's 20,000 doesn't show that Afilias can run a registry any better than IOD, it just shows that giving them the TLD would mean an even tighter stranglehold than they already have in the market. Do we really need another monopoly?

3. My hat's off to Chris Ambler. I'm sure many others on this board agree with me when I say that Chris has done a great job in providing frank and honest answers to questions and concerns about IOD and .web on this board. Sad to say, this is something the other two applicants have failed to do, although I'm sure some of us would like to hear Ken Stubbs' take on all this.

Darryn Tan


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