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Username: Doc Again
Date/Time: Sat, October 28, 2000 at 3:48 AM GMT
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Subject: Is that really the best that you can do?


        Come on! Obviously you don't support IOD or perhaps you are a supporter of another applicant?

Either way it would be better if you can justify your emotions.

Personally I support IOD. I have found the team to be most helpfull over the past four years. I happened upon them because I was looking for something better than NSI, which at the time was pretty much all that was available.       

I don't expect everyone to support IOD just as everyone doesn't support NSI, nevertheless I think it is interesting that NSI did not feel comfortable enough to stand against IOD alone. The fact that it has taken a mutil-billion-dollar consortium to challenge IOD is quite a complement really.

For the purpose of discussion, it would be nice if the supporters of Afilias and JVTeam would present an argument as to why they would be better to run .web as an alternative to IOD running .web and as an alternative to running another gTLD.

However, for you to pick two un related comments and try to turn them around is very childish. Worst still it doesn't even work!

Were you thinking that Mr. Ambler was claiming to be a laywer when he recommended that someone speaks to one? How else could this statement conflict with him then claiming not to be a laywer?



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