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Username: cgrady
Date/Time: Fri, October 13, 2000 at 9:33 PM GMT
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Subject: We are basing our comments of tangible reality not paper promises in the form of applications.



There are few if any of us that have not read the applications for the .WEB TLD. We are basing our comments on tangible REAL experiences with both IOD and Network Solutions. I am probably speaking for the rest of the .WEB owners when I say that we feel the way we do about IOD because they have treated us well, as if we are customers, as if they appreciate our business, as if our support problems matter. They have been doing this since 1996.

I could care less if any of our .WEB domains ever become active through IOD. There is much more at stake then our pitiful $35 .WEB fee.

As I said in a prevous posting at;39E76F140000004F

the technical expertise required to build scaleable and reliable systems can be purchased, redundant and reliable hardware can be purchased, and sufficient/stable bandwidth can be purchased. YOU CANNOT PURCHASE GOOD CORPORATE VALUES, ETHICAL BEHAVIOR, and a RESPECT FOR CUSTOMERS, all of which I have experienced from IOD ....... Afilias/Network Solutions does NOT hold a monopoly on the world's only tech talent in the fields necessary to run a registry. They are hiring from the same tech-talent pool that the rest of the high tech companies are fishing in.

Chris Grady
Vieodata, Inc.



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