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Username: Aimee Correnti
Date/Time: Mon, October 16, 2000 at 10:59 PM GMT
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Subject: DotKids, Inc.  response re: Application Should be Denied


Thank you for your comments regarding our .kids TLD.  We are deeply interested in your ideas, because it is our goal to create a family-friendly solution where families can select their own standards for their kids (and others!)

Our TLD proposal is different than all others, we think.  It is creative, robust, not fixated on US standards, and consistent with the original vision of the global Internet.

Our TLD would be unsponsored to allow open registration.  This keeps the Web open for everyone around the globe.

Our TLD would leave the registry (and ICANN) out of the position of being judge.  It would incorporate and apply a variety of accredited rating structures, from those that may be proposed by an international task force, to those that make the libraries happy, to those that make conservative religions happy, and including those that make advocates of free speech happy.  The key is that the “listener” – the user – is the one who gets to choose by selecting from the menu of rating systems

Our TLD would allow standards to evolve and change with time, and with interest generated among other groups around the World.  We plan to work with various organizations (like ICRA and others) to transmit the organization’s official standards directly to the Registry.  (ICRA in particular has been developing relationships with various groups such as Anti Defamation League (  Our proposal allows specific countries to use this TLD and offer their own lists of approved sites for accreditation.

One goal in this application is to provide parents, countries, and/or governments  - whoever cares about children on the Internet -- the choice to set the criteria based on the systems of the accredited rating agents with whom we will establish relationships.  DotKids, Inc. plans to provide the software to the ISP level, world wide, so the users can easily set their specific user profile.  

We want to provide the grande resource of the web to both kids and teens, because our system will allow the free surfing on “green pathways.”  Kids are actually on the real Web, and the pathways that they explore adhere to the standards selected by their parents.  Website owners who have qualifying sites will have little to do but link their existing “.com” or “.edu” address to their new .kid address.  The vast majority of the Web content – research, non-profit, commercial, fun, entertainment -- is expected to be fully available to travelers on these green pathways, so long as it complies with the standards chosen at home. 

Our proposal is about individual choice, the free Internet, the adventure of gaining knowledge, and the satisfaction of securing all kids, young and old, from unwanted content.

We welcome additional dialogue on this unique proposal and hope you read our posted proposal with care.

Aimee Correnti


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