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Username: Neo
Date/Time: Fri, October 27, 2000 at 10:13 PM GMT
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Subject: No Substance - No Experience - Porn Star Endorsement ???


        I cant believe that this is nothing more than an opportunistic land grab for a domain name.  For starters your application is incomplete:


These are either missing or promised (or confidential which is not noted).  It seems that most of the concepts and ideas have little merit, and areas lacking in substance claim you "will look into", "will work with..".  All good intentions Im sure but this is serious business, wishing or wanting it to happen doesnt cut it.  There needs to be a demonstrable plan for success.  What are your qualifications ?  One of the letters of reference is from Danni Ashe, Internet Porn Star Queen !

B&N and COMDISCO seem to be the only two partners that have any relationship and/or experience to the IT/Internet industry, the rest are "visionaries" ?  What are the CURRENT relationships and experience to child welfare associations, internet policy bodies, that are activley seeking realistic ways to protect children on the internet...How long have you been involved in this ? Your focus seems to be on marketing and sales...

D13.2.3 Market definition - list of quotes...
D13.2.4 You seek to "Dominate" certain content markets ? Do you imply censorship here ?
D13.2.11 - no answer
D13.4.2. No trade and credit references - How do you intend to execute anything ?
D13.2.8 - You basically imply that you intend to outsource everything ?
The technical model is very elementary and tends to restate ICANN models on thick and thin, etc.  B&N's contribution is not explained very well so it is difficult to understand the value proposition.

Im sure you all are nice people, but this has all the trappings of an inexperienced attempt to create a NEWCO for the sole purpose of profit.  Which, in fact, nobody should be denied the opportunity to do.  However, CHILD protection on the Internet is serious business and requires implementation of complex policies and technical solutions.

I hope ICANN places greater emphasis on the .kids domain than the runof the mill TLDs and doesnt sell out to the highest bidder.  Failure here could be disasterous.



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