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Username: AdvantaTel
Date/Time: Wed, October 18, 2000 at 12:43 AM GMT (Tue, October 17, 2000 at 5:43 PM MST)
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Subject: IT'S ABOUT OUR KIDS ! ! !


      In our Internet world, we have no way to steer our children onto the right path when it comes to adult content forcefully thrown at our youth.

It is high time that we as an Internet world take responsibility by regulating content pathways. O yes, there is "Net Nanny" and other software that parent's can buy in an attempt to shield the innocent eyes of children, but it doesn't work. All a child has to do is go over to a friend's house where their parent's are unaware of site blocking software and see whatever comes onto the computer monitor.

I have seen cases where some porn sites attempt to thwart site blocking software by inserting additional characters between the word "SEX" i.e. "S-E-X" or "S E X" or "S:E:X" and other words. I believe this intentional grabbing at our youth is preposterous.

Lets take for instance a situation I ran into when searching for graphics using "Yahoo". I simply put in the word "Graphics" into their search box and instead of finding what I was looking for, I found links to Gay/Lesbian, and other porn sites. To say the least, I was appalled.

It is time to introduce TLD's like .kid, .sex and .xxx and then apply regulatory controls on the registrations for those TLD's, move all of the poison adult content away from .com, .net and .org then apply said content to the appropriate TLD's. This will give parents an equal hand at controlling what our children see because by God, they are our children and you and everyone on the planet should give a damn about what they see at such a young age.

I remember the day where you could walk into a magazine shop and right up front was some of the filthiest smut you could imagine and it was available for our teenage youth to skim through. But what happened? State agencies required that you must be eighteen to purchase said smut and they mandated that said smut be placed behind checkout counters away from our youth. This is the same action that should be taken for the internet.

A few weeks ago I saw Republicans and Democrats alike going after the entertainment industry with regards to violent content thrown at our youth. So where the "HELL" are they with regards to internet content?

It's not about free speech! You can be free to speak wherever you want to, so long as you speak in the appropriate setting.


David W. Sullivan, CEO
AdvantaTel Communications, Inc.
655 West Gurley, Suite 5
Prescott, Arizona 86305

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