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Username: ipguy
Date/Time: Fri, November 3, 2000 at 7:21 AM GMT (Thu, November 2, 2000 at 11:21 PM PST)
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Subject: Unlikely to solve underlying issues.


    I am amazed how you actually think this is really going to be effective.  Even if you actually agreed with the DotKid, Inc.'s opinion's on what your kids should see I still see that the whole idea of using a 'kid' friendly TLD to help parents raise their kids is flawed.
    If parents were to give their kids only access to these sites it would limit there intellectual development because they would see a very narrow view of the world.  Even though the rules are not 'global' in that they would supposedly have local standard Dotkids is still going to have their own global standards of what type of content they are going to allow.  What is going to result is your going have children who are going to be very naive about the world because they have seen such a narrow view of things.
    Another problem that any such system has is adjusting to the age of the children.  There is no debate that what a child should be allowed to see should be based upon their maturity level and with a TLD your going to be setting standards for the entire system.  A web site provided information about safe sexual practices would be appropriate for a 16 year old but probably wouldn't be something you would want your 6 year seeing.  There is no way that a global system like a 'kid friendly' TLD can adjust accordingly.
    Another major flaw in the reasonig for a .kids TLD is the suggestion on the part of it's supporters that it would allow parent to let their children roam free on the .kids TLD.  This is flawed because in order for a child to properly develop they need to have some form of guidance from their parents on what is socially acceptable behavior.  A parent who doesn't do this will raise a child who doesn't think their parents care and will grow up accordingly with values that accept most vices as being acceptable.  If parents are having enough trouble keeping tabs on their children now, how can we expect parent to keep their kids on .kids.
    Any one thinks that an effective rating system can be created would probably be surprised how difficutl that would be.  Since DotKids, Inc. only real income is going to be from registration it is unlikely they are going to have a great deal of money to pay someone to evaluate the .kids site that have been registered.  If DotKids, Inc. isn't going to be able to frequently check up on their registrants compliance what is going to stop them from just posting some kiddie porn?  Their materials would end up stay on the internet until someone reported them which might weeks or even months if they kept a low profile.  After they would get finally get found there is nothing preventing someone from just posting the material different server and moving on.  In addition to the lack of standards on what a good rating system should have it quickly becomes apparent that it is unlikely DotKids, Inc. will be able to create a good system where other failed.
    When it comes down to any .kids proposal is flawed in that doesn't help our kids.  The only thing this proposal will accomplish is make DotKids, Inc. rich off of our kids!  Don't support DotKids application!


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