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Username: Aimee Correnti
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 11:57 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.01 using Windows 98
Score: 5
Subject: Thank you for the A++; ICANN Refinement process and Revolution


Hi Hedeer:

We appreciate your wonderful comments regarding our proposal.  Your message makes clear that you have reviewed the proposal with care.

Your single question is about a “certain ambiguity.”  Our team is thrilled to continue the dialogue as follows:

First note:  As you know from reading our posting carefully, our .kids proposal is very unique in that it harnesses our particular technology with our belief in a free and open Internet, to arrive at a method that lights up “green pathways” for kids (and others) on the real Web.  Each parent chooses which of the various rating systems should be employed and thus chooses each child’s path.  Teens may surf more freely than their younger siblings.  We aren’t segmenting anything; we’re lighting the path.

The magic behind this proposal is our commitment to work with ICANN, governments, and private interest groups to include different and expanding numbers of rating systems, and our technology enabling us to do so.  For example, ICRA may have the right solution for some cultures; other families may prefer a set of standards established by their faith; others may follow their country’s standards.  Such standards will evolve and multiply over time.  This requires that the Registry be responsive to such change and encourage global participation.

You note in your closing remark that the “process of refinements” begins after the our proposal is chosen, and that our “willingness to cooperate with ICANN and other international organizations can be used as a role model for other companies.”  We absolutely agree.  The refinements not only begin, but also must continue indefinitely into the future after our proposal is selected. 

Thus, our proposal is not ambiguous.  Rather, it recognizes that for the sake of the Internet itself, the .kid domain must accept constant refinements made by standard-setting organizations, and must foster global communication under the politics of inclusion.  If we were to define our personal views of “indecent” content, we would have stepped outside the bounds of our proposal.  It is the user’s view, not ours, that matters.

Our intent is to present to ICANN a model in which the willingness and
capability exists to expand and bring forth the overall value we have

--The DotKids, Inc. team


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