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Username: hedeer
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 2:14 PM GMT
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Score: 5
Subject: This is revolutionary


To the Dot Kids Inc. team and anyone reading this:

After thoroughly studying your proposal I'm very pleased to say that I believe it captures the essence of what people are looking for in any kind of new TLD.  To begin with, even though perhaps the other companies proposing a .kids TLD have a very strong base of techincal support, your supporting companies(Saraf Software and Comdisco) I think are widely recognized as very big names in the computer industry.

"B&N Consulting, whose founder is a co-author of the current NSI Registry Registrar Protocol...Currently, Comdisco has global presence and provides disaster recovery to about 75% of the fortune 500 companies."

Aside from this technical superiority to the other proposals I'm deeply touched by the social awareness of this proposal.  It goes without saying that it's impossible to find a perfect way to protect youth and adolescents from "harmful" material without violating everyones inherent rights to freedom(to be a bit dramatic).  However, the proposed RegyStar system, your affiliation with ICRA, and your willingness to spend a significant time speaking with ICANN about any rating system demonstrate your ability to "think outside the box" and try to find a solution that goes above and beyond a simple Policy Board.  By having .kids sites unrated by default and allowing for an optional rating system on all sites you've effectively handed the important decisions over to the parents and families and even to children and these are the people who SHOULD be making the decisions.

Your proposal is revolutionary in the vision it has for the internet.  The decisions that ICANN make in these upcoming months will shape the entire future of the internet and as such, the future of information exchange in a global context.  If nothing else, Dot Kids Inc. seems to have provided a stepping stone for something that might go above and beyond simply creating an internet with more TLD's.  Also, if the RegyStar system as you've described it is actually conceived in an appropriate time, it would be a very valuable technological development.  I think it's important for other companies who are proposing other TLD's should try and mimic this innovative approach to the internet that your company has taken.

In criticism, perhaps the most outstanding fault in your proposal is a certain ambiguity.  However, if ICANN were to choose your proposal(which I believe it should) then the process of refinement could begin and the willingness you've shown to cooperate with ICANN and other international organizations can be used as a role model for other companies.  All in all I give this proposal an A++.


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