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Username: DanielK
Date/Time: Mon, October 23, 2000 at 2:38 PM GMT
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Subject: Being Reasonable


      I appreciate the contention by Mr. Conant that the .shop TLD may be good.  We agree.

Unfortunately, Mr. Conant's fals accusations and desire to play out a personal vendetta against Jeff Smith is rather unreasonable.  The claims he makes are false and misleading and I encourage any member of ICANN to contact Mr. Smith directly if they are interested in ferreting-out the truth behind these unreasonable accusations.  Mr. Smith did not burn anyone at ALLDNS except Mr. Conant, and only because he sought to circumvent the proper ICANN rules for the changing of restration information.

Second, Mr. Conant is now taking his accusations a step further toward the ridiculous.  He now contends that; "CORE, or certain CORE representatives or associations, is backing the Commercial Connect, LLC."  Other than not undersrtanding the English in this sentence, I can also assure anyone interested in actually KNOWING, as opposed to making up inflamatory false statements, that the application is as-is.  It states very clearly that Commercial Connect is a joint venture between CASI and The Simon Property Group.  I am happy to assure Mr. Conant and all who read this, that the application is correct.  There is no "backing" from CORE, etc.  In addition, Mr. Conant seems to avoid the obvious fact that Mr. Smith's company, CASDNS, which ALLDNS has such a probalem with, is NOT even one of the applicants.  And if you were to make the correlation to CASI as a CASDNS "sister-company," you still have made very little sense as to why this new company made up of the Simon Property Group, AND CASI, would be an unfit registry.  Both companies have outstanding reputations, much to the assumed regret of Mr. Conant.

I urge ICANN not to take into account the misleading and false accusations of a disgruntled former clent of a company which is not applying for a new TLD, and I encourage them to find out the actual facts instead.


Daniel Kalef
Commercial Connect, LLC.


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