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Username: bojon
Date/Time: Sat, October 28, 2000 at 7:54 PM GMT
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Subject: support for dot union


     May I join those who wish that ICANN approves the request from the ICFTU to set up a union TLD.  The application speaks for itself and I disagree with Richard Flint's conclusion that it should be rejected because there are problems in and with "the family", as he calls it. Even if he has a point being critical of how unions, in his experience, function, as you can be of commercial enterprises, but that is not a relevant argument against the union domain name as little as it is against the dot com. or that unions appear under dot org as is the case now.  The family of unions is growing and I recommend those who are critical of unions for personal or for other reasons, to look at the discussion about the aims and strategy of the unions on the page Work and Representation where the current debate is being recorded. I am sure the ICFTU, ITSs and TUAC can handle this matter of allocating the dot union name to bona fide unions. Internet offers sufficient opportunities for anyone to supervise how that is done.
Bo Jonsson

Link: work and representation

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