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Username: PHXbird
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 3:53 PM GMT
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Subject: Court cases?


        You say in your post

Second, everyone is claiming that IOD has prior rights to the .WEB TLD.  Well, maybe you all should read the latest court cases where it has been found specifically that IOD does not have prior use of, or even a right to use the mark .WEB.  Preregistrations, in the eyes of the court, does not amount to actual use.  In addition, the courts have held that .WEB or "dot anything" is not protectable as a trademark in conection with providing registry services because it is generic in that it merely describes an address or a place to find the person who owns the SLD portion of the name.  Before claiming any trademark rights IOD, read the case law.  Read how IOD lost its challenge to CORE.

I'll read them.  Post the links.



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