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Username: wiredz
Date/Time: Wed, October 18, 2000 at 12:20 AM GMT
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Subject: Accept NeuStar's Application!


       If ICANN really wants to put an end to monopolies, especially that of Image Online Design (IOD), then the ICANN Board must accept NeuStar's Application for .WEB TLD.

       There are many reasons why ICANN SHOULD accept NeuStar's application for .WEB TLD :

      (i) NeuStar does not want to be a registrar, but just a
          NEUTRAL registry.
         [ IOD on the other hand wants monopoly power in the WEB
           for an undisclosed inniatial period, probably 5 years
           after which they will allow ICANN Registrars to take
           registrations. ]

     (ii) NeuStar proposes to charge the cheapest price for registry
          services - only $5.30. Registrars will benefit by
          being able to bundle other value added services like
          web hosting with WEB names.
         [ IOD on the other hands while refusing to accept registrars
           inniatially (5 years), also wants after 5 years to charge
           registrars an overpriced $15. ICANN should take note that
           NSI Registry/VeriSign is charging only $6 for .com, .net,
            and .org domains ]

   (iii)  NeuStar and Melbourne IT are recognized players that have
          vast experience in the domain registration business.
         [ IOD on the other hand has no experience in DNS or domain
           registration. IOD only knows how to speculate and squat
           famous trademarks, i.e. microsoft.web, ibm.web, sun.web,
           compaq.web, etc. Furthermore, IOD's application also
           states that IOD wants to use Microsoft Windows 2000
           to operate their registry and not Solaris Unix
           distribution, even when they know well that all Microsoft
           operating systems (eg. Windows 2000) are unstable, insecure
           and full of holes and bugs ]

   (iv)  NeuStar never took any speculative pre-registrations.
       [ IOD on the other hand is currently taking pre-registrations
         that it claims are actual registrations. IOD furthermore has
         commited fraud by lying the consumer that ICANN gave it
         permission in 1995 to accept pre-registrations even before
         ICANN was formed. ]

   (v)   neuStar and Melbourne IT have reputable staff and I am
         confident that they will be able to provide efficient
         registry services to registrars on a NEUTRAL basis.
       [ IOD, I doubt will be able to provide any registry services.
         Fools like Christopher Ambler, who I cannot understand how
         became Chief Technology Officer of IOD, who can alsosay in
         a publicly accessible application that IOD will use the
         unstable, insecure, and buggy Micro$oft Windoze 2000 to
         operate such a vital part of the DNS - a TLD! ]

  (v)   By accepting NeuStar's application for the .WEB TLD, ICANN
        and its board is showing the whole internet community through
        out the world, its credibility. Why should ICANN chose a
        U.S. player when it can give change to non-US players like
        Melbourne IT to become the official .WEB Registry.

Mr. Mike Roberts, its high time you and your staff to prove their credibility. That can be done by accepting NeuStar's application for .WEB TLD, which passes all ICANN's acceptance criterias.

Thank You In Advance.

Eugene Kang




Link: Image Online Design Sucks

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