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Username: fabrcop
Date/Time: Mon, October 30, 2000 at 9:07 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.01 using Windows 95
Score: 5
Subject: ICANN: listen to this suggestion and be appreciated all over the world!


        Suggestion to ICANN: assign .web to IODesign,
.info to Afilias, and .site to Neustar.
This solves the problem to choose from different applications
and it increases competition on these main generic TLDs.

Further on, IOD's .web registry is READY and can go online
in a few weeks (see IOD's application, E 5.3: two black-out weeks
will solve trademark problems according to ICANN UDRP).

The world will appreciate this fast and great solution:
before the end of this year the main TLD (.web) can be online!
Remember that generic Internet users have shown to prefer and
to support IOD.

This also will solve the problem of "day one" for .web!
Instead of allowing an unfair random rush to some high-profile
.web domains (such as usa.web or business.web and so on),
they will be assigned to people that registered them in good faith
at IOD since 1996. This is the best decision - it is the solution
with fewer problems.
(Disclaimer: I did NOT register any "premium" .web domain at IODesign).

This solution is fair for IOD (that has prior use of .web since 1996)
and can satisfy Afilias and Neustar also. Their second preference
(after .web) is .info (Afilias) and .site (Neustar), so conflicts
can be easily avoided.

ICANN will be recognized its merit for this fair, natural and useful
Otherwise, different solutions will be felt deeply unfair by IOD
and by so many Internet users in the world, and I am afraid
that this will create many troubles.


Fabrizio Coppola


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