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Username: jtrade
Date/Time: Tue, October 24, 2000 at 1:40 AM GMT
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Subject: Where's the Competition


      Melbourne IT was one of the first 5 testbed registrars, and it would be a mockery of the process if they were to be allowed to get in
early again using Neustar and taking .web from IOD

Also, have you seen this...

All but 4 applications have been posted.

Of those posted, let's look at the relationships among the established
market players, which includes the two who are trying to take .Web from Image Online Design.

Afilias has a registry run by Tucows. Tucows is also the registry for .tel (NumberTel), .kids (The .Kids Domain), and .dir (Novell). Afilias is also comprised of a number of registrars, including, who is also running the registry for the .pro application. Afilias also has CORE as a member, who has applied themselves for .nom.
Afilias is also joined by NSI, which, through its registry operation, is running the registry for the proposed .kids/.xxx (ICM) application.

CORE is also the registry of choice for .post, .museum, and .health. They also run the registry for a .biz application by iDomains. iDomains is owned by Hal Lubson, who also owns Domain Bank. Domain Bank is member of Afilias. Additionally, iDomains also has a Vice President by the name of Ken Stubbs, who is also the chair of CORE, the chair of the ICANN names council, and a board member of Afilias. Another Afilias board member, Paul Kane, is also a member of the ICANN names council.

Melbourne IT is also a member of CORE (part of Afilias). They, in their joint venture, JVTeam, have submitted three separate applications for .per, .biz and .web. JVTeam, however, is also the registry of record for the .travel and .geo applications. Melbourne IT is, by themselves, also named as the registry for the BlueHill application for .kids.

That means that this group is responsible for SEVENTEEN APPLICATIONS, 39%,or MORE THAN ONE-THIRD of ALL APPLICATIONS! (presuming that they have nothing at all to do with the 4 applications still not posted)


And, if you include applications by country code operators, you'll see the .TV is proposing .pro and .nom, and is also involved in the .kids/.xxx (ICM)application. .MD is also involved in the application for .law.

Finally, include applications by or having participating ICANN registrars, and you add .mall (Computer Analytical Systems is a registrar) and .firm (EastComm is a registrar).

That adds 5 more, making a total of 22 out of the 44 applications, or 50% of all applications!


This is competition?!


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