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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Fri, October 27, 2000 at 4:33 AM GMT
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Subject: You didn't explain why Neustar should be accepted...and for what domains?



Clearly your not in the loop with regards to these issues (Did you read IOD's application?)

I noticed you use an ICANN username for your email address (  Should you be using the letters ICANN in your email address in this instance as it is confusingly similar to the ICANN which is the responsible organization for the DNS...also someone may think your from ICANN, which your not (I assume)....If you are then state so (afiliation is important)..Just a thought for you..

(also by threatening ICANN...that will not bolster support for, Neustar...If you want neustar to be the registar that is support and provide evidence why they us IOD supporters have done in the open)

Now for some information:  YOU can't claim any copyright infringement over IOD, if they were selected to be the Dot WEB registrar...It's like the gentlemen from Dot WS (Go to the ICANN main page--see link from Mr. Touton)...that stated he was concerned with infringment over his Dot WS ccTLD if Dot Web was uploaded...TLD's are immune from that...Since you apparently are lacking knowledge with respect to this area of law, i suggest you read up on it as making threats against ICANN or IOD will not support Neustar's position..

NOTE:  Since the clarity of your post is unclear, you could have been talking about individuals who may have registered a dot web domain through IOD that conflicts with a trademark you problem...IOD has it stated in it's application what will happen...(taken from IOD's application regarding service to TM holders--this is more appealing then a sunrise period which would create way more ligitation...IOD is a pioneer and it shows in it's approach to creating a balanced approach)

>>>FROM THEIR APPLICATION:  "Notwithstanding the difficulties in providing generic sunrise provisions for particular classes of trademark owners, though, Image Online Design will implement a policy that will provide significant protection to trademark owners during the full inclusion of .Web domain names into the main DNS system. First, if any trademark registration owner files a UDRP complaint or file suit to contest the ownership of a domain name registration in a court of competent jurisdiction before .Web is added to the root, Image Online Design will place the subject .Web domain name registration on hold, preventing use of that domain name by anyone. This remedy is not presently available to trademark owners in the .com, .net and .org TLDs. This remedy will allow trademark owners to block widespread potential trademark infringement through the use of a previously registered Image Online Design .Web second level domain name registration before it is allowed to begin. Additionally, Image Online Design will provide a notice of this policy to all existing Image Online Design .Web domain name registrants and encourage them to voluntarily relinquish any domain names that are likely to provoke a domain name dispute and register a different domain name in its place without charge. This offer will be revoked, however, should a domain name be formally contested, either through the filing of a complaint under the UDRP or the filing of a legal action in a court of competent jurisdiction with respect to the domain name. See section E5.1 above."

On another topic...What TLD's do you suggest Neustar did not specify in your post (your subj line)...I am assuming dot web...Did you know what the selection criteria will be??  Go to the ICANN mainpage to find out...One of them definitely is to be a stable company themselves...I don't think after reading the article below that you get the idea that Melbourne IT is a stable registar that will have control over Neustar...(see link below)

I do thank you for leaving your name, however without info about what TM you hold, etc...we are at a loss to figure what your talking about...Please post again and respond, as this is important for open dialoge...Thank you..

Gregory W. Krajewski



Link: Article about Melbourne IT....I leave you to your own conclusions...

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