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Username: wiredz
Date/Time: Wed, October 25, 2000 at 1:44 PM GMT
Browser: Opera V4.02 using Windows 98
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Subject: Yes, to NeuStar's Application for .WEB



   Here are some hard facts which are painful to IOD's lying supporters.

   ICANN has published on its web site documented court evidence of IODesign losing misrably in its lawsuit on CORE and Ken Stubbs. Also, the documented court evidence states that the court considers *ALL* registrations taken by IODesign for .WEB as pre-registrations and not actual registrations.

   This means even if IODesign gets to be a .WEB registry, it must start afresh as the pre-registrations don't count. So all those who paid $35 to IODesign are also BIG lusers just like IODesign is. My suggestion is that all those who pre-registered domains through IODesign, sue them for fraud.

   Please see the link titled "Memorandum of Decision in Image Online Design, Inv. v. CORE Ass'n" at this url:

P/S: IODesign never pioneered anything but if you insist I will put it this way " IODesign with the help of Diebold, Inc., and Simon Higgs  and a few other bunch of lusers from Open RSC pioneered the destruction of the internet ".

All the Open RSC Alternate Root Server IP numbers should go into the MAPS RBL for internet abuse, and I am working hard to get them into the RBL.

--Eugene Kang


Link: Memorandum of Decision in Image Online Design, Inv. v. CORE Ass'n

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