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Username: vpincus
Date/Time: Mon, October 30, 2000 at 2:40 PM GMT
Browser: AOL Browser V5.0 using Windows 98
Score: 5
Subject: .i could be my buddy.


ICANN Board Members,

I am a humble internet user who uses the internet for accessing information on a daily basis at work, office, on the road, in hotels, motels, at friends and familyís places, you name it(even in port authority terminal, lately).  As an avid user, I find the access road to information highway that I use is not well paved.  I deal with too many entry and exits ramps, wrong signs, dangerous neighborhoods, potholes, head on collisions and paramedics, flooding, the list goes on.  All told, my journey from point A to B is not that pleasurable as it could be. 

In your undertaking to expand the domain name area, you now have an opportunity to fill some of those potholes, build a few HOV lines for faster access, eliminate some roadblocks, and build a few visitors welcome booths - all of that will make me a real happy camper.  I see that Sarnoff Corporation has provided you an opportunity to partly address some of this hapless internet userís problems through their proposal of .i.

I like the .i proposal over others for a few reasons, as a matter of fact:

1) I give priority to my ability to get my info when and where I want it, the way I like to see it, faster  and with as little hassle as possible. 
2) The information of my choice should seek me out and should know how and where to intercept me.  Now, I feel only those information that I really donít care about knows where to get me!
3) I prefer neutral operators of registry in this area. Someone who do not have affinity to one group or the other, but gives opportunity to everyone, developers, users and other beneficiaries. 
4) And, I would definitely like to start off with a free numeric domain name - why not. 
5) I just canít wait for that aggregation part they promised in their proposal, hopefully making my life a bit more manageable.

ICANN, donít miss this opportunity to make me happy.  Make that .i proposition a reality.

Manager, Planning,
Avid Systems



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