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Username: mott
Date/Time: Fri, November 3, 2000 at 9:31 PM GMT
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Subject: people centric TLD for connecting people - great concept


               DNS was mainly invented to decouple the description of a service from the machine which implements it. For instance, my main computer has the same name for the last 15 years. Obviously, I have changed the physical model a few times :) The same is half-true for my email. I had the same user name over all these years (the part before the @), but the reminder changed various times due to changing jobs, providers, ... every time, it was a major hassle to inform everyone of the change, not to mention the numerous bounced mails to old friends and collegues who changed theirs without me knowing.

The current naming schemes assumes you are part of an organisation. This is good for the organisation/provider as it may make us think twice before we change that provider.

I always wanted that freedom and for a long time I was considering getting my name as domain, but I never saw myself as a, nor a I do like max.i.

While that freedom is very appealing, the engineer in me can see many additional benefits and cool applications. "phone.max.i", "resume.max.i", "public_key.max.i", ....

As I said at the beginning DNS decouples the name of a service from the device providing it. Nowadays, that binding is very static and the current design of bind gets a lot of milage out of caching. If
we move into applications where that binding is more dynamic (That blue phone works better with my red shirt) the infrastructure needs to be able to handle that and the proposal should address that.

In summary, as the focus of the Internet shifts from large corporations and their worker bees to individual users, so should the

Max Ott
CTO, Semandex Networks, Inc.


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