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Username: spareek
Date/Time: Sun, November 5, 2000 at 5:09 PM GMT
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Subject: a badly needed idea!!!


Hi, am an MBA student at NYU Sterns School of Business. My analysis of the entire scheme of proposals for new TLD's find:

1)  ICANN's decision to enlarge the TLD space is a good and timely one. 

2)  ICANN should strive for a structured development that does not infringe on the rights of rightful owners of IP and provides for and aides in growth of  economies world over.  Decisions by ICANN on this major undertaking is of great importance.

3) Easy access to internet for individuals and their ability to utilize the medium to its fullest potential are fundamental to the growth of the internet in the next phase.

4) Any organized sector, corporations and institutions will use the internet for their benefit, irrespective of the developments takes place in this area, due to their  easy access to capital, resources, and influence;  individuals on the other hand, stands alone, as is the case almost always.  Therefore, a cheerleader has to be found to champion the individual's cause.

As a technology and management professional, I find that cheer-leader in the .i proposal of Sarnoff Corporation. Not only does the proposal propagates aggregation techniques at a domain name level for individuals, it definitely enhance the internet as a medium and how internet will be used in the future.  It will help in the  healthy growth of internet by being inclusive and above all help to reduce the digital divide(it was very thoughtful to propose providing free digital id's to people through numeric domain names).

I strongly urge ICANN to consider Sarnoff's proposal for granting .i  or .iii TLD.  This will be one of the strongest links in the long chain of the internet.

Sameer Pareek

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