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Username: JNathenson
Date/Time: Fri, November 3, 2000 at 1:19 PM GMT
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Subject: Agreement that .i makes strategic sense for the Internet


        I strongly agree that .i makes a great deal of sense for the internet.  As we see a proliferation of sites and corporations that own these sites, we are also seeing an aggregation of power and unique visitors under larger corporations.  According to Nielsen//NetRatings the top 3 Domains each have twice the number of unique visitors (above 20 million) as the next domains listed in the top 25.  This will force the internet to go the way of all other business ventures and have too large a concentration of power in the hands of too few.

The internet needs a new TLD which is intended for "the people."  This is where the internet started and the power of the internet should remain in the linkage of all people.  .i will result in a paradigm shift back to where the internet continues to be useful as a personal tool for everyone.

John Nathenson
Vice President
Spectra Marketing
and Adjunct Lecturer in Internet Marketing
(The comments above are my personal opinions and in no way represent those of Spectra or the Business Schools that I represent.)


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