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Username: davidbk
Date/Time: Fri, November 3, 2000 at 8:48 PM GMT
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Subject: Implementation Experience Counts


R. Jackson,

I have also read all three proposals and I agree with you that previous practical demonstrations add strength to an application.  As a participating member of the VMA (International Association for Enhanced Voice Services) I was involved with three separate voice-messaging demonstrations that utilized the NetNumber "Global Internet-Telephony Directory" described in the Pulver/Peek/Marschel ".tel" application.  Participating vendors included the following:

    Lucent Technologies
    Nortel Networks

These multi-vendor demonstrations were held at industry events in Athens (1998), Helsinki(1999), Montreux(1999), and at the prestigious Telecom99 (1999) in Geneva.

You made a comment that "Pulvar want[s] to start with just IP enabled fixed line phones before, some time in the future, making it available to other Internet enabled IP devices...".  

In this case, I believe you've missed the key point.  The Pulver/Peek/Marschel ".tel" implementation is based on the IETF-ENUM standard and it is clearly not limited to fixed line phones.  Having been personally involved in this standards process I see the Pulver/Peek/Marschel ".tel" application as a crucial catalyst for enabling the growth of the IP-Communications industry.  In this light, I see the Pulver/Peek/Marschel implementation of global ENUM based services to be the highest possible utilization of the ".tel" TLD string. 


David Kerr     


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