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Username: travelocity
Date/Time: Sat, November 4, 2000 at 5:08 PM GMT
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Subject: Support for Netnumber application


        is the leading on-line travel site and as such an active member of the Internet community.

NetNumber  has developed and released the "Global Internet-Telephony Directory" (GITD) over the past year.  In addition, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
launched a working group called ENUM to define a technical standard for
mapping telephone numbers to Internet addresses.  NetNumber's GITD is an
ENUM compliant directory service that translates telephone numbers into
Internet address information in support of all types of IP-Communications
services.  (i.e.: Telephone Number to: SIP address, SMTP address, SMS
address, VPIM address, etc.)

It has come to our attention on October 2nd, NetNumber filed an application with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN) to define the GITD as a new Internet Top-Level Domain (TLD), called ".tel".  The NetNumber ".tel" application was made in conjunction with ( and with the
Internet-Telephony Addressing Board (

The underlying need for GITD services can be summarized as follows:
ˇ  There are over 1.2 billion legacy telephone numbers in the world today and
the number is growing.
ˇ An enormous global investment has been made in training end-users all over
the world to use standard legacy telephone numbers to place calls, send
faxes, leave voicemail messages, etc.
ˇ ˇUnfortunately, IP networks like the Internet, corporate intranets, and
managed extranets don't work off of telephone number addressing. Instead, IP
networks work off of IP addressing, SMTP addressing, URL's and other
non-telephone number formats.
The GITD will provide a smooth migration of legacy telephone numbers over
to the new world of Internet protocol networks.  The smooth transition
enabled by the ".tel" TLD is the ability to link telephone numbers to
Internet addresses for IP-enabled communications devices so that end-users
can continue to use telephone numbers as a common addressing mechanism for
both PSTN and Internet services.

As Travelocity's CEO, I believe.that the approval the and application, the Peek/Pulver/Marschel application, for the .tel TLD would help bring competition by insuring market access by subscribers to the registration of telephone numbers for IP telephony.   Market competition and open public review are critically important.

I am therefore recommending that you approve this application.


Terrell B. Jones
President and CEO


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