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Username: jefsey
Date/Time: Sat, November 4, 2000 at 7:30 PM GMT
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Subject: such a boring conventional standardisation


                        Internet is an innovative free space, the shared property of its users. I certainly acknowledge the interest of standardization, but thies ".tel" issue it reflects old technical concepts from the past.

If the owners - the market - decides to call an internet phone a "phony", the gTLD ".phony" will become the fashionable TLD. If everyone wants to have his own name as his phony name, one will forget about ENUM and the like and will use "Joe.Smith.phony" as phone addresses. BTW why would telephone services be different from web, mail, ftp services and need a spacial TLD?

Telephone adresses should be tel://

All the ENUM story reminds me the X.25/X.75 standards, etc... ISO even became the Law in some places. The world has chosen another way. Innovation and real life are seldom decided in comities.

Let the market develop the way the users want it. What is the legitimacy of the ICANN in this process, while denying elected people to share in it, retaining "interim" directors for 4 years, already removing four directors from the decision process because they are part with some appliants, ... who is left to decide who has some right to do it? please list the names.

I suppose the result is DoC, but we do not even know who DoC will be at that time ...


Jefsey Morfin

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