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Username: NetNumber
Date/Time: Sun, November 5, 2000 at 9:51 PM GMT
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Subject: Competition needs ".tel"


        The comment from “hta” above makes two claims that I’d like to address:

First, the author “hta” claims that using up one of the 5 – 10 slots for a TLD aimed at solving a critical addressing problem for the Internet-Telephony industry is “wasteful”.   Here is an alternate view:

The convergence of the PSTN and the Internet is an economic reality that will affect every country on the planet and every member of the Internet community. 

While there are many valuable uses for the 5 – 10 pending TLD selections, extending the utility of the DNS to respond to a global addressing challenge for the emerging Internet-Telephony industry clearly fits into this category.

Second, the author “hta” claims that competition will exist for “” without action from ICANN”.  Here’s an alternate view:

The “” implementation of ENUM services is the result of a combined effort by the IETF and the ITU.  As a result, the “” implementation is being presented to the market as “the approved standard TLD” for provisioning of ENUM services.  It is impossible to overstate the power that this validation carries in the market.

Consider the power of this perspective:  “” is being presented as having the exclusive support of the ITU, the IAB, the IETF and the 200+ national PSTN regulatory bodies that control telephone numbers on global basis.

Effective competition simply will not exist in this crucial emerging Internet-Telephony directory space without the creation of a TLD approved by ICANN.    


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