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Date/Time: Sat, November 4, 2000 at 3:44 PM GMT
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Subject: ITU, IETF, ICANN, ENUM, "" and ".tel"


        The underlying role of the Pulver/Peek/Marschel ".tel" TLD is to facilitate the smooth convergence of global communications services between the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and the Internet by allowing telephone numbers to be used as a common addressing mechanism for both PSTN and Internet services.

To this end, the Pulver/Peek/Marschel application leverages the ".tel" TLD for the provisioning of global ENUM services (RFC 2916) to create effective competition for the "" implementation being advanced by the IETF and the ITU. 

Why is competition so important in the ENUM directory space and why is a new TLD required to achieve the objective? 


The ITU and "":  The Pulver/Peek/Marschel ".tel" application starts from the assumption that the ITU has every right to advance the "" implementation of ENUM services and we fully expect this implementation to proceed.

Delegation Of Control:  As articulated in the most recent ITU-ENUM updates, the "" implementation clearly delegates control over ENUM services to 200+ national PSTN regulatory entities.  Within this vision, every country is being given the power to define if, how and when ENUM services will be deployed within their given country-code under the "" TLD.

Who's Interests Are Being Served By ""?  The "" model of delegating control to the existing PSTN regulatory structure may serve the best interests of the ITU but it clearly does not serve the best interests of the emerging IP-Communications industry.

Valid View From The Emerging IP-Communications Industry:  Delegation of control of ENUM services under "" will have the tendency to both slow down, and dramatically complicate the deployment of IP-Communications services on a global basis. 

What Is The Pulver/Peek/Marschel ".tel" TLD Position?  The best interests of the Internet community in general and the emerging Internet-Telephony industry in specific will be best served by the creation of effective competition for the "" implementation of ENUM services.

Why Is A New TLD Required?  The "" implementation has been validated by the IETF and by the ITU, and it is being presented to the market right now as "the standard TLD" for ENUM services.  The role of the ".tel" TLD is to provide effective and appropriate validation for an alternative implementation of ENUM services.  Without appropriate validation a level playing field will not exist in this important directory services space.  


The provisioning of ENUM directory services on a global basis is a requirement for the emerging Internet-Telephony industry.

Effective competition for services in this space will clearly advance the best interest of the Internet community and the emerging Internet-Telephony industry.

The Pulver/Peek/Marschel “.tel” TLD will enable effective competition in this important global Internet addressing space.


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