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Username: jandl
Date/Time: Sun, October 22, 2000 at 12:51 AM GMT (Sat, October 21, 2000 at 8:51 PM EDT)
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Subject: You are mistaken


"This year, ".bz" is beginning to be advertized and marketed to businesses as an alternative TLD to ".com."  At this point there is not a competing ".biz" that is being marketed.  If a ".biz" or ".ebiz" TLD is introduced, there will be two similarly spelled TLDs being concurrently marketed.  This would create confusion among Internet users and the public."

"In addition, it would be expected that the marketing of ".cm" at this point in time as an alternative to ".com" would only result in confusion and failure as ".com" is so well known and entrenched in the minds of Internet users and the public.  Therefore ".cm" could not be successfully marketed as being pronounced as "dot COM."  As no ".biz" TLD has been yet released or marketed, ".bz" can be successfully marketed as "dot BIZ."

This is where you are incorrect.  .BIZ is marketed as .BIZ and resolves in the ORSC rootzone, Superroot and pacificroot.  As a matter of fact, I believe ICANN's zone is the only one where it does not resolve.  Also, it has been in the ORSC roozone since 1996.  Your conclusion, therefore, does not apply since it already exists.  Regardless of whether .bz markets this TLD, .BIZ has already done so.


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