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Username: PhilBerent
Date/Time: Thu, October 26, 2000 at 9:33 PM GMT
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Subject: Identity and Affiliation Please?


        Please say why you don't like the name lottery. After all it is not a lottery to register the name. It is just a lottery to have your application looked at before others - with a fully refundable fee if you don't win. When the application is looked at it is assessed on the usual criteria i.e. are you an eligible business in terms defined. It seemed to us a very fair way to avoid the "fingers on the button" mentality which will take place in the initial rush if there is no such procedure.       

As far as the $2,000 fee is concerned we see this as a strong way of preventing frivolous applications ($2,000 is initial fee and annual renewals are only $150). However, I fully agree with you on the point about emerging market economies. For this reason, as stated in our TLD policies, we intend to establish different hurdle levels for what is an "eligible business" in each country and possibly different fee structures as well. Codes for emerging market economies will be under sub-domains using the 2 letter country codes as in etc. Establishing the fee structure and the hurdles for each country is something we intend to work on during the first year of operations.

I would add that our objective is to create domain name availability for people who actually want to do business on the net by restricting registration. If we allowed open registration under .biz, as is proposed in the other applications, once again names would be snapped up by cyberhoarders and speculators and no one (small business/ third world country business/ or otherwise) would have access to the name that they needed.

Those who do not wish to pay the fee will still have access to the .com universe. If we allowed unrestricted low price registration within a few months the choices of names under the .biz TLD might easily be hardly any better than those under .com

Finally, why do you not identify yourself? Are you affiliated with one of the competing teams?


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