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Username: Bob-Ottawa
Date/Time: Mon, October 16, 2000 at 7:19 PM GMT
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Subject: .KIDS and .XXX can work well


I agree with franmail that organizing content into appropriate and needed categories can serve many useful purposes, including easily identifying the nature of the content that is being offered. 

More importantly what this proposal uniquely offers is a “framework” by which children can be protected from (or prevented from accessing) adult oriented content AND a site provided which is safe for children to access (akin to Disney movies). 

My understanding of the proposal is that policy boards would be established for each of the TLDs; one for .kids drawing representation from the community of interest which will devise policies and screening criteria that will result over time in a domain which parents can rest assured would contain the kind of content appropriate for their children.

The .xxx domain would undoubtedly be guided by the adult entertainment industry but could also have representatives who would represent community standards.  This “framework” would also over time result in a set of content standards or guidelines that would improve the quality of content and make it more acceptable to the community at large.   In this respect the Oct. 16 edition of the Ottawa Citizen ( 001016/4692599.html); features an article (Disinfecting the seedy side of the Web) about the emerging consolidation in the adult entertainment business.  It indicates that the major players are seeking respectability in their bids to go public.  They are searching for means to reduce controversy over their business activities and make the community more comfortable with the content they provide.  However for this to happen ICANN needs to provide a “framework” to the responsible members of this industry so that they can effectively set standards for themselves.  This could take many forms but certainly one element could be a rating system much like the movie rating system that has been established.

Without a “framework” the industry would not be in a position to clean up their act and legislators could well overreact in terms of censorship of Web content.

Overall, establishing a .XXX and .KIDS framework would bring greater clarity, order and satisfaction to all concerned; content providers, Web users, parents, legislators and the ICANN organization.   I think ICANN  would be seen as forwarding the resolution of a sticky problem facing the Internet community as this time.


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