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Username: mpalage
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 3:52 AM GMT
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Subject: Clarification


>So this means:
>(1) Existing and future sex sites (and kids sites) WILL NOT be forced >to relocate/locate at .xxx and .kids domains.
>(2) All sites that do decide to come under .kids or .xxx domain names >WILL be required to comply with certain policies that you will >determine.

YES to points (1) and (2)

>What if a .kids site includes information that you, the censor, >determine not to be appropriate? Can they still be part of the .kids >domain space?

No. You identify a key problem with the .KIDS space. It is difficult to agree on what is and is not acceptable for kids. That is why in our proposal we focus .KIDS on 12 and under. When dealing with teenagers parents have a wide diversity of what is and is not acceptable (i.e. birth control, abortion, etc.)

The Code of Conduct for the .KIDS will eventually be created by consensus building efforts lead by the Policy Advisory Board. This task will not be easy, so ICM Registry believes that the .KIDS TLD should start off with some basic OBJECTIVE standards as to what is not acceptable within the .KIDS TLDS (i.e. nudity, vulgar language, etc.). Although these OBJECTIVE standards may be a little Draconian, it seems the only way to start off.

As ICANN adds additional green-space and red-light TLDs to the root. The Policy Advisory Board for each TLD will be able to get a little more creative as modifications to the Code of Conduct and policy considerations. But I believe one must crawl before they walk, and walk before they run.

I appreciate your comments and suggestions. We have been refining this proposal for eight months and the refinement process will be a never ending process. I apologize if my tone was a little defensive.

Thanks again.

Michael D. Palage


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