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Username: brahim_m
Date/Time: Wed, October 18, 2000 at 8:11 PM GMT
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Subject: insincere intentions


I am seeing a curious and somewhat confused message here:


ICM REGISTRY:  Initially we had planned to create a separate non-profit company
to operate ".kids".  Verisign Global Registry Services would operate that
registry.  We proposed that revenue from ".xxx" would go to this separate
non-profit charity company.  Our goal continues to be to allocate these funds
in order to:

1.  facilitate the development of new technology to protect children from
    adult-oriented content.

2.  educate children and parents online.

3.  support the protecting of children and parents online.


What it reads like to me is:

We were initially intended to reap a profit on the lucrative .XXX
domains and then descided, in order to stave off criticism and
create a better public image, we cloaked ourselves in the sacred
hallow of the .kids domain.

Of course we'll donate all the profits of the .kids domain to
child organizations since these will be miniscule in comparison to
the huge profits we'll enjoy from the .XXX domains.

Oh wait, to add insult to injury, lets just resell this idea to
NSI; they've already been enjoying a monopoly over gTLD's, they'll
certainly have no qualms concealing their ownership of the most
lucrative new TLD under another comapny name with the added camouflage
of "doing it all for the children" (for those who havn't noticed,
these people won't even administer their own registry -- they're
outsourcing this to the NSI, defying the whole concept of
the new gTLDs, to promote a non-monopolistic DNS
registration system).

Sorry, someone had to say it.

Brahim Meloud


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