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Username: Hendeles
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 6:18 AM GMT
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I wanted to quickly respond to your question.
"What if a .kids site includes information that you, the censor, determine not to be appropriate? Can they still be part of the .kids domain space?"

ICM REGISTRY RESPONSE:   In the event a ".kids" or ".xxx" web address were distributing content that was considered to be inappropriate by the policy advisory board, than I could imagine the following steps being taken:

1.  The registrant would be notified:
    a. that they have breached their domain registration agreement
    b. how they might remedy the breach
    c. a date prior to which they must remedy the breach
    d. how they might appeal the decision. 

2.  The registrant would have a fair opportunity to respond.

3.   In the event that the registrants appeal failed and or they failed to resolve the problem, ICM Registry would reserve the right to terminate their registration agreement.

I could envision the abovementioned hypothetical strategy to change in the event there was a serious breach (ex. illegal content distribution). 

Keep in mind that we developed the framework for a policy advisory board which will best represent the broader Internet community in an open and transparent manner.  Our goal is to set in place a structure which will best allow the policy advisory board to develop these policies and procedures.


Jason Hendeles


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