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Username: nicholasmoraitis
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 3:29 AM GMT (Tue, October 17, 2000 at 1:29 PM EAST)
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Subject: Can you clarify please?


Hi! Sorry, I was confused by your last post...

You said,
"The fact that the .XXX & .KIDS TLDs as set forth in ICM Registry's proposal are VOLUNTARY in nature undermines your argument that ICM Registry is seeking to mandate/segregate adult content providers into a specific TLD. "

and also

"ICM Registry... will incorporate into the registrant license agreement contractual terms by which the registrant must comply. If the registrant does not wish to comply with those terms they are free to register with another generic TLD or ccTLD. Period end of story."

So this means:
(1) Existing and future sex sites (and kids sites) WILL NOT be forced to relocate/locate at .xxx and .kids domains.
(2) All sites that do decide to come under .kids or .xxx domain names WILL be required to comply with certain policies that you will determine.

What if a .kids site includes information that you, the censor, determine not to be appropriate? Can they still be part of the .kids domain space?

I recognise the post you replying to was perhaps overly aggressive, but I do think you should also try and be a little less emotive/defensive. There will be problems with your system, you can recognise them - and change to make the whole thing better.

warm regards,


Nick Moraitis
Co-Coordinator -
Nation1 -
Author, "Cyberscene: a teen traveller's guide to the web"
(Penguin Books 1999)
Link: Nation1

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