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Username: Hendeles
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 12:57 AM GMT
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Thank you for taking the time to review and comment on our proposal.  Please find my comments enclosed below.

Steven Lassre:  Hello to you at ICM Registry,
There is no way that pornographic material and children should be connected at all. 

ICM REGISTRY:  I agree.  Our proposal suggests that there should be no connection between the two Top-Level Domain names.

Steven Lassre:  By viewing what I have of your application I can see that you look to fund the children safe zone by creating a pornographic one. 

ICM REGISTRY:  Initially we had planned to create a separate non-profit company to operate ".kids".  Verisign Global Registry Services would operate that registry.  We proposed that revenue from ".xxx" would go to this separate non-profit charity company.  Our goal continues to be to allocate these funds in order to:

1.  facilitate the development of new technology to protect children from adult-oriented content.

2.  educate children and parents online.

3.  support the protecting of children and parents online.

In light of the other proposals for ".kids" we continue to evaluate the best strategy to distribute this capital in order to realize our goals.

Steven Lassre:  It also appears that in an effort to create places safe for kids that you suggest we create a place not for kids.  How will children then not be allowed to view this unsafe space. 

ICM REGISTRY:  Our service will make it more difficult for children to view these websites because:

1.   websites with the ".xxx" extension are easier to filter with traditional filtering technology

2.   ".xxx" websites will provide the appropriate measures to restrict access by minors to adult websites.

3.   Search engines will be able to better manage adult content search results.

4.   ICM Registry will invest capital to develop more comprehensive filtering technology solutions.

5.   ICM Registry will contribute a significant proportion of revenue towards educational programs for children and adults intended to inhibit children from going to these websites.

Steven Lassre:  How will this answer the dilemma of child-safe space.  All it seems we are doing is creating more of the non-desired pornography space under the influence that all "adult" website operators will go there. 

ICM REGISTRY:  ".KIDS" related domain names will provide access to content that is approved and deemed acceptable to children.  The structure of determining criteria for both extensions will be determined by a policy advisory board that best represents the broader Internet community in an open and transparent manner.

By giving websites a rating (similar to G-rated or X-rated) you are in a position to advise the Internet user what they're getting into...our service is the first step towards categorizing, not segregating this type of content. 

Steven Lassre:  What makes you think that Tradmarked Companies will want to obtain this adult space other than keeping it out of the hands of people who wish to capitalize on these same companies good names.

ICM REGISTRY:  Michael Palage, one of the founders of ICM Registry, was the Chairman of Working Group "B".  After extensive discussions with the trademark community we are offering the following solution:

1.   ICM Registry has created a blacklisting service for all trademark holders at a nominal one-time cost recovery fee. 

2.   ICM Registry will undertake at no cost, free screening to notify trademark holders of potential infringing uses.

3.   ICM Registry will be adopting Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy for disputes.

Steven Lassre:   While I am all for the seperation of Children and Pornography I cannot see your solution as an answer.

ICM REGISTRY:  Steven...the concept is to offer a red-light district...our goal is to protect children from adult content.  The best way to do that is to first categorize.  Once we have labeled it we can begin to manage it and protect children from accessing it. 

You can find out more about our policy strategy in the document titled "Volume 3 - ICM Registry Description of TLD Policies." on our website at

I would appreciate any comments or recommendation you may have to enhance our submission in order for us to best realize our goal of protecting children online.


Jason Hendeles



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