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Username: nicholasmoraitis
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 12:02 AM GMT (Tue, October 17, 2000 at 10:02 AM EAST)
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Subject: response


Hi Jason,

Actually, I did read your proposal and business plan before I wrote that comment. Also, I'm not about to doubt that your intent is to enhance the Internet.

At the most basic level here, I am concerned that your proposal treats .kids as something of secondary importance, an adjuct to a product (.xxx) aimed at the sex industry. I do not think it is appropriate that the kids domain name sector (or even kid-based content) should be financed by the profits made out of selling .xxx domain names.

The pertinent part of your proposal was:
"To this end, ICM Registry will contribute $6 per domain name for the creation of the .KIDS corporation, support the operation of the .KIDS registry, develop research on children's programming, protect children form exposure to adult-oriented content and provide children with tools to go on-line"

Anyway, I'm interested - what percentage of your .kids advisory board members will be aged under 12? What percentage aged under 18? What consultation have you done with young people? How will they meet? Where? How often? How will they (adults and youth) be selected?

Finally, Michael Palage is both Senior Vice President of your company and a member of an ICANN working group on intellectual property. Is that a conflict of interest? (Maybe not, it just seems that way).

Again, thanks for your active involvement in this discussion board. I certainly much appreciate the time you take to engage with us in this small way.

I hope you have time to also check out my organisation - Nation1 -


Nick Moraitis
Co-Coordinator -
Nation1 -
Author, "Cyberscene: a teen traveller's guide to the web"
(Penguin Books 1999)
Link: Nation1

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