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Username: mpalage
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 2:42 AM GMT
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Subject: Red-Light & Green Space TLDs (Fact v. Fiction)


Let me begin by stating that I am the Interim Policy Officer for ICM Registry and that I helped in drafting their policy.

The fact that the .XXX & .KIDS TLDs as set forth in ICM Registry's proposal are VOLUNTARY in nature undermines your argument that ICM Registry is seeking to mandate/segregate adult content providers into a specific TLD.  Neither ICANN nor ICM Registry have the authority to mandate such Orwellian actions. ICM Registry is merely seeking a renewable license to run a chartered registry that will incorporate into the registrant license agreement contractual terms by which the registrant must comply. If the registrant does not wish to comply with those terms they are free to register with another generic TLD or ccTLD. Period end of story.

ICM Registry has been working with representatives of the Adult Content Industry as well as child safety groups to find an industry lead, market driven, non-regulatory solution to the problem of safeguarding children.  The purpose of the red-light and green-light districts are to provide sign posts on the information superhighway to help categorize content, NOT segregate as your posting implies.

ICM Registry believes that it proposal meets the technical and financial requirements as set forth by ICANN. Moreover, the governmental and regulatory issues that you raise are clearly outside ICANN's technical oversight mandate and should therefore not enter into their consideration.

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