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Username: Julie
Date/Time: Sun, October 15, 2000 at 12:53 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.5 using Windows 98
Score: 5
Subject: Dot Pro CONsortium


        I strenuously object to awarding any TLD to a group which contains DOT TV as a member. They point to the "Success" of, and experience from, the marketing and sales of .TV Domains as a major qualification. While they claim to have sold over 100,000 Dot TV Domain Names, they do not mention how they have kept all of the Prime and valuable names for themselves. In each and every significant catagory the names they have kept are far superior to the ones they have allowed customers to buy. They Now Propose to market DOT.PRO as 3rd level domains using 15 2nd level abbreviations as catagories to register under. This time they are keeping all of the 2nd level names in Dot.Pro for themselves! This without mentioning what they plan to do with them. Could it be, once they have sold everyone on the 3rd level naming system (just as .US has) that they will find a reason to sell the much more marketable 2nd level Domains. If so you can be sure that they will not be priced at the lowball $3.50 they are using to lull Icaan and the Public to sleep. Dot TV is an attractive business partner but is equally unattractive as a purveyor of public trust and well being. Dot TV has taken the art of Cybersquating to a new level and I hope Icann does it's due diligence when assessing the sincerity of this Proposal.

On the positive side... I believe that the initial allocation system the Dot Pro Consortium has put forward should be used as the model for any New TLD. The idea of a pre registration sign up list with the Domain Names getting more than 1 person showing interest then being auctioned among only those who pre registered is probably the fairest way. There are of course drawbacks i.e. those with the deeper pockets will get the best names.  . But I believe that is preferable to the First come First served method which favors those with the fastest modems and those who can write scripts to make submissions in machine gun fashion. With proper guidelines this system could work. The Consortiums offer to donate any funds in excess of the $3.50 normal price to charity or some other public cause is a key ingredient in the attractiveness of this system. I would suggest that these excess funds be put towards enhancing the internet's infrasructure and reducing the costs of it's use.

Curiously this same consortium takes a completely different approach in it's application for DOT.NOM....    


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