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Username: spamela
Date/Time: Fri, October 27, 2000 at 12:45 AM GMT
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Subject: I beg to differ



Not that I'm doubting you, I'm just curious about some of your statements. Dot Tv is a registry, correct? What do they gain by 'holding all the good names' for themselves? They aren't building or maintaining any sites themselves are they? I see that a number of names that I think are good got sold, and others that I think are very valuable, are still available. I'm saving my pennies for some as they can are pretty pricey sometimes. But, given the fact that squatters register many domains and resell them on aftermarkets, why shouldn't Dot TV and Tovalu (sp?)make the money as opposed to unscrupulous domain squatters. Of course, everyone wants the domains to be priced similarly to .com's, so they can then re-sell them. That's just pure envy. I do not have a problem with Dot TV administering these names, and actually think the two propostions made by their consortium makes a lot of sense. Separate between personal and business, and involve a wide spectrum of technolgy partners from around the World, not just the US.    


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