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Username: julie
Date/Time: Thu, November 2, 2000 at 4:06 PM GMT
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Subject: Reply to Phil re: $14.33  Avg .TV Domain Price?



I want to give you credit for at least mentioning the discrepancy in the sales / Revenues that DOT.TV Reported in the Proposal which everyone seems to feel is such a best seller. Your suggestion that matching sales and revenues will take more than a straight line brings to mind another best seller, "The Warren Report". Maybe someone can come up with a "Magic Bullet Theory" as Arlen Specter did which will explain how the average sales price for the reported sales of 100,000 .TV Domains can be $14.33 since the lowest price for a .TV domain to date is $50. Since several Domains "reportedy" sold for $100,000 alone. The .TV supporters may say, "So What" , But unless Dot.TV comes forth with an explanation (so far they have been conspicuously silent) someone, maybe even TUVULA may want to know where the millions of dollars in revenue which are missing from from the proposal actually are. I would hope the .TV supporters would be as anxious to get the answer to this question as they are in asking for examples of the tactics which I consider to be in bad faith.


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