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Username: Bob Singer
Date/Time: Mon, October 30, 2000 at 6:27 PM GMT
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Subject: reply to Julie


Dear Julie

I found your post of great interest. Since dotTV's application is one of the best written as well I skimmed through parts of it as well.
Your issues against .tv seem to be focused around their holding back on some words and you question their credibility.

In reply to that I thought it was interesting that their company has paid Tuvalu a significant sum of money. The country is an extremely poor island nation as it turns out, and their hopes and aspirations seem to be pinned on the success of dotTV. Its interesting that idealab has been funding various infrastructure investments in that country and perhaps represents Tuvalu's only hope of obtaining medical facilities.

In light of the development which has taken place in Tuvalu is seems mighty unfair to question dotTv's ethics. Infact I would argue that no other player in the new TLD arena has done more in the name of development.  Its clear that the company is making a lot of money as well. But kudos to them if they can market the TLD well enough to develop a nation and  create a legitimate brand on the internet as well.

I would argue that this highlights their success as a company. I developed a soft spot for this company ever since I read that they offer perhaps the cheapest and most robust registry.

I can see  that you hold reservations against the company, but I would certainly give them a lot of fair credit for the work they have been doing.



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