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Username: julie
Date/Time: Tue, October 31, 2000 at 11:28 AM GMT
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Subject: Back to you, Bob...


Bob, Thankyou for your post in defense of .TV. If I gave you the impression Dot TV has not done well for themselves and the Island of Tuvula then I am sorry. That is not at all how I feel and it is certainly not the case. I believe that the strategy they employed is nothing short of brilliant. I believe .TV will not only become one of the most significant ccTLDs but is destined to share the limelight with the current and the "to be namedlater" gTLDs. Whether they would have had the same success with a ccTLD other than the 2 letter abbreviation.TV..? I would have to say no. My problem is with the less than honest image building and sales tactics they have employed over the past 6 months which has led me to distrust them. The most recent example being that... In the DOT NOM Thread another poster raised a question concerning the discrepancies between announced sales and announced revenues which were included in the applications for the DOT NOM and DOT PRO TLDs. In these well written applications the number of .TV Domain Names Sold and the amount of income derived from those sales just don't make sense. Yet so far no one from DOT TV has stepped forward to explain why. I wonder why? Do you?  

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