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Username: David Coombs
Date/Time: Sat, November 4, 2000 at 9:06 PM GMT
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Subject: Deferred Income



Deferred income is the ancillary concept to the revenue disparity you were asking about before.  I have not looked at all the applications in great detail, but I am confident that all of the financial models for all of the applications include something of this nature. 

To continue the same example I used in the prior post, when I send a $200 check to the NY Times for a years subscription from October 2000 to September 2001, they recognize ~$17/month in revenue.  Now, since the NY Times received $200 in cash (an asset)in October, but they have not earned 11/12 of it (they still have to send me the paper for the next 11 months), 11/12 of $200 is deferred income at the end of October (or ~$183).  The next month they 'recognize' $17 more dollars, and the unearned (or deferred) revenue decreases by the same amount.

I hope this helps. On another note, I happen to disagree with you on the utility of a prospective ".nom" TLD.  My guess is it wuld not be confused with ".com" despite the phonetic similarity, the reason I feel this way is I don't think it is positioning itself to compete with ".com".  The ".com" is in place mainly for commercial use and is where I think internet users will default to looking for that purpose (although, due to the current lack of choices, it is very generic).  Having a .nom TLD is designed to be used by individuals for their personal web homes, I don't think the average internet user will visit the ".nom" TLD for commercial purpose, so, although apple.nom or business.nom will probably be bought, they wouldn't have a lot of cybersquatting value.

I may be a little biased towars these ".nom" and ".pro" applications, because the accountant in me appreciates the low price they offer ($3.50).  I happen to think a low barrier of entry for personal web pages is important, and I appreciate this Consortium offerng a much lower fee than any of the other applications I have looked at.


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