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Username: tomam
Date/Time: Fri, November 3, 2000 at 6:40 PM GMT
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Subject: "acceptance"


Mr./Ms. bird,

I think the .pro application states that there is no professional certification or fact-checking required to receive a .pro name.  The (in my opinion) weakness of the CORE's .pro application vs. the dotPRO Consortium's is that CORE proposes to check board certifications, which is utter folly.  Aside from or, what board certifications exist- for example, in industries like utilities ( or aerospace (  What if a company loses its certification?  And, most importantly, who really gives a crap if someone is certified before they receive a lousy internet address?

The job of the internet is not to lend legitimacy to anyone's claim to a certain status or membership, and I htink for this reason the dotPRO's application makes more sense.

As to your question about charging different prices- price discrimination is a tactic for commercial businesses to extract maximum consumer surplus out of their pricing schemes.  dotPRO Consortium's application explicitly states they are not seeking to gouge more dollars out of their customers, depending on customers' ability to pay.  Rather, I think the application is quite clear that it is a one-low-price-fits-all philosophy.  Want a name?  $3.50.  Want antoher name?  $3.50 more.  Are you Microsoft?  $3.50 please.  Are you Joe Startup?  That'll be $3.50 for that domain name.

It's seems quite simple in that respect.

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