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Username: phil Browning
Date/Time: Thu, November 2, 2000 at 6:31 PM GMT
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Subject: ?



I was looking at some of your other posts (its pasted below in the text area) andI was surprised that you are ready to pay $2,500,000 for .tel, .pro and .nom...... suggesting that you want to hang onto some of the better words- sports,news etc....... yet on the dotPro discussion you question .tv ethics for trying to capture the same value for .tv domains.

I will go read the dotpro application in greater detail to dig into your concerns. But I have to say they seem to be founded more from self interest than anything else. I wish I had access to .tv finances (which I am sure ICANN will have). But to my best understanding these guys at idealab have agreed to pay $50 million to Tuvalu over some the money they will have to pay is already decided. It does'nt seem to have anything to do with .tv level of sales at all.
So your conspiracy theory does not make sense to me. But I could
be wrong ofcourse.

I don't know much about these applications so I cannot sit in judgement here but my feeling is that ICANN will have a pretty clear game plan for how they want the new gTLDs sold since they do not wish to allow for extraordinary riches to any of the applicants.

Its logical to me that they will want to give it to some one who has the ability to sell these things well. And to provide a stable registry.

I wish ICANN had drawn out the criteria a little better.


Our Company would like to offer you $2,500,000 for the Rights to the .TEL, .PRO and .NOM TLDs. This offer is more money than all 47 applications put together! Why? It's simple.. We would own all of the URL's in these TLD's and will easily recoup our investment. Since we do not have any technical capabilities we would allow all of the other applicants the right to distribute them on an equal non discriminatory basis. We will follow any rules and procedures you suggest. Of course we will keep all of the single digit URLs and some of the generic names such as Bank, Sports, News, Health, Movies, Golf etc, as some of the current applicants propose.  Our offer is intended to illustrate that you are planning to hand over the keys to a business opportunity worth Multi-Millions of Dollars to a Private, For Profit Driven Company for the meager sum of $50,000!????  If ICANN is not interested in our proposal we will extend the offer to whoever they end up selecting. A combined $2,350,000 profit for the 3 companies selected. Heck we'll give them each $1,000,000. I guarantee none will accept because the lure of becomming authorized cybersquatters is too appealing and profitable. You can give them away for $50,000 or you can accept our offer of $2,500,000. It's up to you. (Should any of the applicants protest your awarding us the 3 TLDs for $2,500,000 we will personally refund their $50,000 application fee.)


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