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Username: bldigrn
Date/Time: Thu, November 2, 2000 at 6:52 PM GMT
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Subject: Julie- please do some homework


Sorry, but I gotta chime in here.  Misinformation is the devil's handy-man.

1.  Do you understand that Tuvalu is a MAJOR SHAREHOLDER of .tv and owns a LARGE percentage of the company?  Are you aware that they have a SEAT ON THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS and have FULL, UNBRIDLED, UNRESTRICTED ACCESS to EVERY FINANCIAL DETAIL of .tv?
Just where on earth do you get this notion that Tuvalu is somehow being exploited?  If you believe the facts presented in dozens of press releases that I for one have read on a regular basis, Tuvalu's stake in .tv is GREATER THAN THAT OF MANAGEMENT'S.
Please educate yourself or stop perpetuating the spread of idiotic, ill-founded, un-well-thought-out conjectures that have absolutely no basis in reality.

2. dotTV, which is but ONE COMPONENT of this consortium, has no obligation, legal, moral, ethical, fiduciary, or otherwise, to "come forth" with proprietary financial data about their sales.
As it stands, the company has submitted to ICANN (as has each applicant) an extremely detailed ledger of historical financial data.  Please: read, learn, understand, and move on.



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