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Username: RoscoePico
Date/Time: Thu, November 2, 2000 at 1:26 AM GMT
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Subject: Hoarding



I'm unclear on your concept of how .tv is hoarding the names.  I just went to their site ( and checked a bunch of names.  For example, was available as was  Those seem like pretty good names to me.  Also it shows right there on the site that they have sold, and  I heard that they have also sold to the IDT Corporation.  I think they own TV Guide.

It would seem to me that dotTV would most benefit themselves by having guys like have the great names and launch kick ass web sites.  Look at .cc, .nu or .ws, you've got probably lots of people with names, but no sites.  I don't see the benefit to .tv to "hoard" names.

If you are on their site and hit refresh every couple minutes, you will literally see the names which are sold, scroll up.

Lastly, I own several dotTV names and have been very happy with their service and i hope they do win one of the new gTLDs.  Given my past history with them, I think they would do a great job.  Their consirtium also looks very solid.  I just don't think those other companies like Lycos would get into bed with an unsrupulous partner like you are describing.


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