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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Mon, October 16, 2000 at 2:39 AM GMT
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Subject: O.K Now your being Belligerent and ineffective in backing your argument..



I am not trying to set up some agrument between you and I...frankly you post a lot of information with no conclusions...The agruments you raise are in your own words...Yes, it sounds like you have experience, but not in non-profit organization law...So you had to make me go out and get a link (see link at bottom of this page): 

The question this situation raises (make sure you read the linked page) is can CORE sell things (in this case TLD's) and remain a Non-Profit Org?  Yes they can (if it follows their mission)...I don't think their current mission (of what they are saying) jives with what business enterprise they will be engaging in as the money they raise, must be used to back their cause (their cause has been solved)...So Sir, Please do NOT say that I shouldn't post on here...frankly I am getting bored with your comebacks..(they are always attacking the writer and not the argument)...i am waiting sir..(a response that is)----this time don't cite "your own words"...cite what CORE's mission is (I have already shown this above in a previous link) and what they will be doing...then tell me if the IRS will not be just a little curious...Also does this jeopardize the potential clients of CORE if they are found to be noncompliant of IRS regulations???  That is what I am concerned about....You on the otherhand seek to find loopholes....You say you started some companies...Name them...I hate it when people spout of about their record and come to find out they were fired from their paper route job because they were throwing the papers in the dumpster instead of delivering them to the consumer...(Just a little of your own medicine...)

Greg Krajewski


Link: Can CORE still be considered a Non-Profit Organization...You be the judge!

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